Introduction: Surging Demand for Wireless Connectivity

According to a Amenities Survey in 2013, Wi-Fi is the most important amenity for hotel-goers. 34% of leisure travelers said free Wi-Fi was the number one factor in choosing a hotel while 56% of business travelers said free Wi-Fi was their number one must-have amenity. Hotel guests use Face Time or Skype to have live video chat with friends, families or clients. They also watch HD video streaming and share photos on social media with Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices. All of these applications consume a large amount of bandwidth. Therefore, it is no doubt that in addition to providing Wi-Fi, the performance of Wi-Fi services is becoming standard in the hospitality industry.

Whether enjoying vacations or taking business trips at hotels, guests are strict about Internet service, expecting free and reliable Wi-Fi access. Interruptions are not acceptable, and will cause dissatisfaction. As a result, hotels will suffer the loss of repeat customers. To overcome the challenges and maintain a high-quality Wi-Fi experience, a managed wireless LAN is the best solution.

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Hospitality Solution

Common Issues of Hotels' Wi-Fi Networks

Once hotels decide to deploy WLANs, problems often encountered are:

  • Complicated account creation and separate room/Wi-Fi bills creates additional workload for IT staff
  • Access points distributed across the hotel property are difficult to individually manage and maintain
  • Poor quality of Wi-Fi due to unmanaged Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Anyone can get Wi-Fi access easily, including those who are not guests of the hotel
  • Login is troublesome for guests carrying multiple devices
  • Users experience Wi-Fi interruptions while moving around hotel property
  • Multiple business travelers need to connect to their companies via VPN at the same time

4ipnet's Wireless LAN Solution for Hospitality

With 4ipnet’s hospitality solution, hotels are able to manage wireless networks while delivering great customer experience with reliable and mobile Wi-Fi.

4ipnet delivers a comprehensive solution with:

  • Integration with Micros Opera PMS allows simple Wi-Fi login with guest details and enables consolidated room bills
  • Centralized AP management for maintenance or troubleshooting purposes and guarantees reliable connectivity
  • User management such as role-based traffic policies
  • Secure User Authentication with customizable login and logout pages
  • Simplified single-account access for multiple devices
  • Wi-Fi tickets printed with QR Code for quick login
  • Fast roaming provides seamless transitions between APs and enables greater mobility
  • Support for multiple public IPs for specific cases, such as simultaneous external VPN connections

In summary, given that Wi-Fi performance and reliability is crucial to the continued success of a hotel in today’s smartphone and tablet environment, hotels must be able to manage its wireless users and traffic. From the hotel guests to the employees and staff, 4ipnet brings a solution considering all facets, making Wi-Fi simple to deploy, easy to use, and effortless to maintain.

Berjaya Times Square (Malaysia)

Royal Island Resort & Spa (Maldives)

Promisedland Resort (Taiwan)

The Icho Chain (Japan)

The "Icho" chain has over 40 stores spread out across the northern region of Japan. In order to reduce waiting times and provide customers with an improved dining experience, Icho introduced a self-ordering system that enabled customers to place orders in their own rooms through wireless tablets. Due to the complex physical layout in each store, providing stable wireless connectivity was extremely challenging. With 4ipnet's Wi-Fi solution and NTT-AT's implementation expertise, Icho was able to resolve all existing wireless network issues and dramatically improve guest satisfaction.

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Adrian Hoteles (Spain)

Adrián Hoteles owns three outstanding luxury hotels - Jardines de Nivaria, Roca Nivaria, and Colón Guanahaní- in Costa Adeje Tenerife. As Wi-Fi became more indispensable for guests, Adrián Hoteles decided to increase the network’s coverage across the entire hotel property, and to upgrade the existing equipment with the latest Wi-Fi technology. Following a detailed review of several vendors’ Wi-Fi solutions, Adrián Hoteles selected 4ipnet as their offering of choice, supported by 4ipnet’s local distributor WifiSafe.

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FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort (Vietnam)

FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort features the largest golf course-resort-hotel complex in northern-central Vietnam. In addition to its golfing facilities, the resort also offers various amenities across its 450 hectare property, including a 1,300-seat International Conference Center and an amusement park. In an era where guests expect stable and high-speed Wi-Fi service in luxury hotels, it was crucial for FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort to meet customers' satisfactions. After evaluating several vendors' Wi-Fi solutions, FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort decided on 4ipnet as their final choice.

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Valencia Conference Centre (Spain)

The Valencia Conference Centre is one of the most important congress venues in Europe. After deciding to deploy wireless LAN, the centre turned to 4ipent's local partner, Civired & Wifisafe for a comprehensive solution

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One Resort Monastir (Tunisia)

One Resort Monastir, a winner of TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice 2014, deployed 4ipnet EAP701, WHG711 and WTG2 to provide guest Wi-Fi in every room with simplified login procedure.

Dan Hotels (Israel)

As one of the most famous luxurious hotel chain in Israel, Dan Hotels recognized that providing Wi-Fi was becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. How did 4ipnet address the issues?

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Evenia Olympic Palace Hotel (Spain)

The 4-star rated hotel wished to expand its WLAN infrastructure to provide secure and fast Wi-Fi for the guests. As a result, 4ipnet WHG711, EAP110, EAP260, EAP717, EAP767 and WTG were deployed to perform user authentication, bandwidth control, and much more.

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Iberostar Hotels & Resorts (Dominican Republic)

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts operates 6 luxury resorts in the Dominican Republic and are recommended by TripAdvisor with near-perfect customer reviews. Faced with large numbers of concurrent users and increasingly bandwidth-hungry applications, Iberostar quickly realized the need for user and network management.What was the solution?

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Gallia Palace Hotel (Italy)

Gallia Palace Hotel is 5-star rated and famous in the Italian hospitality industry. After completing construction of brand new building, the hotel decided to upgrade its existing Wi-Fi system in order to integrate the wireless LAN of the new building with the existing infrastructure of the old one. How did they carry out the plan?

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Club Magic Life (Tunisia)

The 4-star rated Club Magic Life resort in Tunisia realized that more and more travelers are carrying mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This phenomenon resulted in an increased demand for stable and pervasive Wi-Fi access, leading the hotels to acknowledge the necessity of deploying wireless network infrastructure. Why did they choose 4ipnet?

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Al Salam Al Nakheel Hotel (Saudi Arabia)

Located in Mecca, the hotel offers 200 rooms and accommodates travelers from around the world. In order to provide reliable and manageable Wi-Fi for its guests, the hotel management decided to deploy 4ipnet wireless LAN controllers and APs to address the issues.

U.Com Hotel (Taiwan)

U.Com Hotel is located near Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, targeting business travelers. The hotel management planned to enhance customer satisfaction by providing reliable Wi-Fi access. After a thorough evaluation, the hotel decided to deploy 4ipnet WHG311 and EAP210 for its guests and employees.


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