With BYOD (bring your own device) being a trend, corporates are now facing some new challenges with their network infrastructure. As staff operate bandwidth-hungry applications such as video conference, live demo and Skype with their iPhones and iPads, the issue of how to support employees with reliable wireless network infrastructure emerges.

In addition, it is also important for enterprises to enhance wireless security and implement user management to protect intellectual property and confidential information against malicious activities. To address these issues, a managed wireless network is a must-have for businesses of all types and scales.

Deployment Scenario

Enterprise Solution

Common Issues of Enterprises' Wi-Fi Networks

For enterprises, interruptions of network connectivity is equivalent to inefficiency and lost revenue. Problems often encountered include:

  • Unreliable network operation causes lost productivity
  • Interruptions of voice and video conferences due to network congestion
  • Unable to manage and apply same Internet policies to branch networks
  • Confidential data and documents on the network need to be secure from intrusion

4ipnet's Wireless LAN Solution for Enterprise

With many businesses developing and expanding globally, while a complete wireless coverage across an enterprise venue already offers significant management benefits, these benefits become irreplaceable when access is extended to remote offices, home offices, temporary offices and telecommuters. 4ipnet makes it simple to extend new offices automatically without the need to deploying expensive IT equipment.

Our Cost-effective Solution Provides:

  • High availability and 1+1 redundancy enhances the reliability of wireless networks
  • Traffic prioritization ensures smooth operation of mission-critical communications
  • Tunneled/Layer 3 AP management for managing and monitoring branch office networks from headquarters
  • 802.1X authentication, AES data encryption, firewall rules and remote VPN provide the security necessary for preventing leakage of confidential information

4ipnet enterprise wireless LAN solution enables wireless networks to match wired connections in terms of PERFORMANCE, UNINTERRUPTED APPLICATION DELIVERY and SECURITY, while offering mobility and longevity that come from a wire-free network.

Congresium International Convention & Exhibition Centre (Turkey)

Congresium International Convention & Exhibition Centre is one of the greatest exhibition centers in Turkey, hosting numerous large events throughout the year. For Congresium, providing wireless coverage to service more than 3,000 concurrent users across the different areas of the vast premise was not an easy task. How did 4ipnet solve the problem ?

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Wind Lion Plaza (Taiwan)

Wind Lion Plaza is a duty-free shopping mall located in Kinmen, Taiwan. The county government deployed 4ipnet WHG405 and EAP717 to provide Wi-Fi access for both tourists and local employees.

The Federal Court of Malaysia (Malaysia)

The Federal Court of Malaysia recognized the need for wireless network management such as VALN assignment and access control. The decision was made to deploy 4ipnet’s wireless LAN controllers and APs because of its functionality and ability to integrate with existing infrastructure.

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