Smart Learning Enabled by Smart, Mobile Devices

Technology has drastically change the way we learn. What has become ubiquitous is the adoption of mobile devices in higher education. Professors encourage the usage of laptops and tablets to facilitate students’ learning. On the other hand, students found Wi-Fi indispensable as they need to bring their tablets and laptops to lectures, libraries and student unions.

Therefore, it is essential for school administrations to deploy wireless networks to support BYOD on campus. However, they not only need to provide Wi-Fi access, but also monitor user behavior and network operation while maintaining security and reliability. The performance and manageability are the key factors in selecting WLAN infrastructure.

Deployment Scenario

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  • School administrations need to keep track of each user's Internet usage in the case of illegal activities
  • Network maintenance efforts are high due to vast size of campus properties
  • Without managed Wi-Fi, the quality of the school’s wireless Internet service cannot be guaranteed
  • High user density in lecture halls increases network congestion and collisions
  • Users get disconnected when moving between classrooms or academic buildings
  • Some students get distracted easily and do not stay focused during class time, using Wi-Fi to browse the Internet or chat with friends

4ipnet's Wireless LAN Solution for Education

With 4ipnet’s education solution, schools are able to support BYOD on campus while providing secure and fast Wi-Fi with comprehensive provisioning and management features.

4ipnet’s comprehensive solution offers:

  • Role-based policy assignment provides students and faculty members with differentiated services and security profiles
  • HTTP Web Log and NAT Conversion Log help trace the source of illegal activities; users can also be blacklisted when necessary
  • Centralized management ensure reduces maintenance and troubleshooting efforts across campus grounds
  • Dual radio APs with Load Balancing and Airtime Fairness distributes Wi-Fi usage and maintains performance
  • Seamless roaming across campus improves learning experience with optimized mobility
  • Firewall profiles limit the network access of students during specific times by blocking certain applications or websites, encouraging students to pay attention in class

As IT infrastructure plays an important role in today’s smart learning, school administrations have to be able to manage their networks. 4ipnet provides a cost-effective wireless LAN solution solving the problems of CAPACITY, DENSITY, SECURITY and COVERAGE while enabling ease of deployment and total control of the networks.

Leibniz IPK Campus (Germany)

Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) is a nonprofit research institution and the center of the Biotech Campus Gatersleben in central Germany. As an internationally renowned botanic genome research institution, it is essential for Leibniz IPK's Wi-Fi network to provide comprehensive coverage and reliable connectivity for its researchers. To meet this objective, the top priority of the institution's IT department was to upgrade the existing legacy Wi-Fi network to a reliable solution based on the latest 11ac standards.

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Aoyama Gakuin University (Japan)

Considering the changing communication environment and increase in mobile device usage, Aoyama Gakuin University realized that it was necessary to expand its WLAN infrastructure. However, providing a reliable wireless environment for over 20,000 students was no easy task. What are the key factors to a successful deployment?

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SOA University (India)

Siksha 'O' Anusandhan (SOA) University is a prestigious institution of higher education in India offering professional programs in a wide range of disciplines. As the administration at SOA University noticed the BYOD trend, they also realized that in order to meet these demands they had to offer a secure Wi-Fi environment that could handle a large capacity of concurrent mobile devices.

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Indian Institute of Technology-Bhubaneswar (India)

The Institute is located in Bhubaneswar, offering engineering and technology-related courses. The school administration felt the need to have Wi-Fi for students in dorms and campus. Therefore, they deployed 4ipnet WHG311 and EAP110 for secure and managed wireless networks.

Neili Primary School (Taiwan)

Ping Jhen Senior High School (Taiwan)

Taoyuan Municipal Guanyin Senior High School (Taiwan)

Tzu Chiang Junior High School (Taiwan)

Guang Ming Elementary School (Taiwan)

Municipal Dayou Junior High School (Taiwan)

Jianguo Elementary School (Taiwan)

Taoyuan Municipal Wen Hua Elementary School (Taiwan)

Municipal Tongde Junior High School (Taiwan)

Municipal Qingxi Junior High School (Taiwan)

Dong Sing Junior High School (Taiwan)

National Jhongli Commercial High School (Taiwan)

Taoyuan Junior High School (Taiwan)

Taoyuan Linsen Elementary School(Taiwan)

Taoyuan Dayes Elementary School(Taiwan)

Taoyuan Municipal Nankan Senior High School(Taiwan)


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