TCO of Wi-Fi Significantly Lower Than 3G & 4G

With the booming demand for smart phones, technical devices and tablets, mobile data usage is now threatening to decrease the quality of service provided by many mobile network operators. The growth in data revenue cannot cover the decline in voice revenues, putting pressure on mobile operators to upgrade their network capacity.

This unexpected rapid growth of smart devices is over burdening 3G/4G networks and forcing Telco to find a complementary solution, fast and easy, to recuperate acceptable browsing, video streaming and other data-intensive experiences. Consequently, the 3G/4G networks have become much more congested. Offload solutions are in urgent need. As the deployment cost of Wi-Fi is 10-time lower than 3G and less than 50% of 4G networks, a managed Wi-Fi solution is the answer.

Deployment Scenario

Carrier Solution

Common Issues of Carrier Wi-Fi:

Utilizing existing Wi-Fi PWLAN network to offload the congested 3G/4G mobile data is a sustainable and solid-proved model. However, problems are often encountered, which include:

  • Switching to Wi-Fi is troublesome during offloading
  • Unreliable Wi-Fi connectivity defeats the purpose of offloading
  • The security of Wi-Fi is not in line with the operators’ requirements
  • Lack of methods to monetize Wi-Fi

4ipnet's Wireless LAN Solution For Carrier

With 4ipnet carrier solution, the amount of strain on telecom operators’ networks can be reduced substantially while maintaining high-standard security and network reliability.

4ipnet delivers a comprehensive solution with:

  • Automatic 802.1X authentication with EAP-SIM enables hands-free transition to Wi-Fi
  • Cross Gateway Roaming, load balancing, and traffic prioritization guarantees uninterrupted Wi-Fi
  • Enterprise-grade 802.1X authentication and AES encryption maintains a high level of security corresponding to operators’ standards
  • Multiple service zones for shared access, customizable login/logout pages and Walled Garden which provides opportunities to bring in additional revenues through advertising

To sum up, 4ipnet carrier Wi-Fi solution not only allows mass data traffic to be offloaded via high-speed broadband hotspot, but also brings significant value to ACCESS CONTROL, USER MANAGEMENT and SERVICE CAPABILITIES to the carriers and facility-owners.

3BB (Thailand)

Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan)

CHT is a leading company in Taiwan’s telecom industry. In order to perform user authentication in its public hotspots and provide Wi-Fi offloading services, 4ipnet’s WHG821 and WHG721 were selected and deployed across Taiwan.

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