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Find out how to simply improve user experience with 4ipnet Latest Firmware v3.43.00.
4ipnet Hospitality Soltion Success Case
Key features updated in this version:
OTP (One Time Password) Authentication
OTP is the feature that enables more secure and effective mechanism than traditional password-based authentication. Clients are able to access the internet by entering their own mobile numbers, receiving an SMS message with one-time password which is needed to enter the authentication page. It removes the possibility of fake registering Email address/mobile number and is also able to collect customer’s information with the integrated questionnaire for the security and marketing purposes.
Social Media VK support in Social Media Login
VK is added to the list of supported social media login. VK (VKontakte) is the largest European online social network and it’s available in several languages but especially popular among Russian-speaking users.
User Bandwidth Throttling
ISPs primarily use bandwidth throttling during peak usage times to maintain a balance between the needs of different customers, deploying it as a technique to get the best performance from their current network infrastructure. With the new feature added, 4ipnet solution can help analyze peak usage and dynamically create scenarios to solve bandwidth issues, allowing you to provide higher QoE (Quality of Experience) for all users.
Per User Bandwidth Control through Split Tunnel
Split tunneling has become an essential concept which allows administrators to optimize traffic flow by directing only corporate traffic back to the WLAN controller, while local application traffic remains local. It helps decrease traffic on the WAN link and minimizes latency for local application traffic. Furthermore, with the new feature “Per User Bandwidth Control under Split Tunnel” of 3.43.00 version, administrators now are able to follow the current QoS profile to fulfill the per-user bandwidth control under split tunnel architecture, enhancing the flexibility of user management.
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