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4ipnet Hospitality Soltion Success Case

Adrián Hoteles owns three outstanding luxury hotels - Jardines de Nivaria, Roca Nivaria, and Colón Guanahaní- in Costa Adeje Tenerife. Given the vast property of the three hotel chains, the primary concern for Adrián Hoteles was to provide sustained Wi-Fi coverage, while having the capacity to manage access points and perform user access control. Following a detailed review of several vendors’ Wi-Fi solutions, Adrián Hoteles selected 4ipnet as their offering of choice, supported by 4ipnet’s local distributor WifiSafe.

The solution chosen included 4ipnet’s WHG controllers for performing AP and user management, and EAP access points for Wi-Fi coverage. The WHG controller integrates user authentication, policy assignment, traffic shaping, and centralized WLAN management into one box. With three of 4ipnet controllers deployed, Adrián Hoteles successfully provided effective central network supervision as well as reliable Wi-Fi service to numerous concurrent users across all three hotels.

After the new Wi-Fi deployment went live, Adrián Hoteles was extremely satisfied with 4ipnet’s Wi-Fi solution, as they said “with 4ipnet, we have achieved a hundred percent coverage in both common areas and all rooms across the three hotel chains. We ended up not only with a new Wi-Fi installation, but more importantly a new success story.”

4ipnet Solution
Social Media Login & Demographics
  A variety of social media are supported by the WHG Controller including Facebook, Google+, LINE, Weibo, OpenID and VK. 4ipnet's social media login offers businesses with more effective customer insights and marketing tools.

4ipnet Sevice Zone enables
virtual segregation of the wireless network between user roles
  With Service Zone functionality, Adrián Hoteles can virtually segregate the wireless network into three (guest, staff and POS order system). Each Service Zone can have a unique configuration of enabled authentication databases, access schedules, user policies and independent network administrators.
Seamless Integration with Oracle Opera PMS
  4ipnet WHG-Controller supports integration with property management systems (PMS), such as Oracle Opera, for hotels to effortlessly create on-demand Wi-Fi accounts based on guest information from the PMS once guests have checked in. For example, on-demand Wi-Fi accounts with the guest’s room number as the username and the guest’s last name as the password can be generated.
Seamless AP Roaming
  Fast roaming between separate APs across the hotel property allows for seamless connectivity
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