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4ipnet WHG Access Gateway: Role-based User Policies for Wired & Wireless Networks

4ipnet Hospitality Soltion Success Case
Bandwidth Limitation: Unlimited
Authentication: Built-in local account database
Firewall: No rules set
Allowed Network Services: FTP, HTTP
Administrator accounts are able to access the management GUI to easily monitor user & network performance.
Bandwidth Limitation: Unlimited
Authentication: External RADIUS(802.1X) database
Firewall: Block during work hours
Allowed Network Services: FTP, HTTP
Staff accounts can only access to social media (e.g. Facebook) during lunch breaks (12:00PM to 13:00PM).
Bandwidth Limitation: 10 Mbps
Authentication: Built-in on-demand account database
Firewall: No rules set
Allowed Network Services: HTTP only
Guests can easily login to Wi-Fi via their own social media accounts. Administrators can further configure the maximum bandwidth allowed per user and for all guests combined in order to guarantee network performance.

The 4ipnet WHG Access Gateway can be deployed in any existing wired or wireless network to manage user network access, enforce security policies, and centrally log user activities. Through flexible user role configurations and network policy profiles, administrators can easily offer differentiated service levels for various groups of users while improving overall network reliability.

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