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4ipnet Hospitality Soltion Success Case
In recent years, reliable Wi-Fi has become one of the most important amenities for hotel guests. In addition to investing in the latest Wi-Fi technology, hotels are also seeking value-added applications to increase ROI, such as incorporating Wi-Fi within their loyalty programs or using Wi-Fi to collect guest information.
4ipnet’s Wi-Fi solution disrupts traditional hotel WLAN deployments by combining AP management, tiered Wi-Fi service, user policy enforcement, and PMS integration all in one solution. Compared to the separated gateway and controller architecture, 4ipnet’s design greatly reduces deployment costs and simplifies network management. Additional guest Wi-Fi features such as social media login, ticket printer integration, and on-demand accounts provide hotels with numerous ways to offer Wi-Fi to their guests.
  4ipnet’s solution also provides many alternative ways for hospitality venues to provide Wi-Fi access to their guests, from self-registration methods such as social media login to on-demand account creation with the 4ipnet ticket printer. The ability to collect more detailed customer information and generate direct bookings increasingly becomes one of the key added values as owners seek to increase the ROI on wireless infrastructure.

  Typically found only in network access gateways, 4ipnet has taken the Opera PMS interface and integrated it directly on the WHG-series gatewaycontrollers, becoming one of the only WLAN solutions on the market to offer the PMS interface directly in the same box together with AP management, user authentication, and user policy enforcement. This design allows hotels to significantly reduce initial infrastructure investment without sacrificing on any of the functionality.
Port Location Mapping
  The Port Location Mapping feature is commonly used in hospitality venues to manage the internet service for their guest rooms and public areas. Each Port Location Mapping entry can be configured to provide charged, free or blocked internet service at the location corresponding to the entry’s VLAN Tag.

Each Room is mapped to a VLAN Tag. And each Room can be assigned to different Service Zones to get different policy. Furthermore, according to your application, different rooms can be configured to different Port Types: Single User, Multiple User, Free or Block.

  This feature automatically adjusts each AP's transmit power according to the current connected devices status, steering new devices to other nearby APs that currently have fewer connections. As users come and go, the system will continually reassess and adjust the configuration to optimize overall network performance.
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