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Enjoy the Nightlife & Wi-Fi at Ningxia Night Market!
4ipnet Hospitality Soltion Success Case

Located in the heart of downtown Taipei, Taiwan, Ningxia Night Market has always been high on the checklist for travelers visiting Taiwan. The network service provider of the night market was seeking a better way to monetize their wireless network. With the rapid growth of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets, visitors today expect to be constantly connected to the internet, regardless of where they are in the night market. Therefore, the night market's biggest challenge was to find a solution to keep offering the best Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity at such a crowded place.

Ningxia Night Market is a perfect example of how a marketplace can successfully deploy a large-scale Wi-Fi network using 4ipnet's solution. Visitors of the night market now can smoothly share their nightlife online via social media, emails, video streaming, etc., and Ningxia Night Market can gain more visibility throughout the world.

4ipnet Solution
Location-based login pages
with 4ipnet’s Service Zone to generate more revenue
  Combined with 4ipnet’s Service Zone architecture, network administrators can quickly enable multiple unique Wi-Fi login pages per deployment depending on various access point locations. Each login page is fully customizable to show unique branding or location-based advertisements, and can also be designed with customer-defined data fields for collecting relevant data for analytics and marketing.

Customizable Walled Garden
allowing users to browse specific websites prior to authentication
  Visitors are able to access Ningxia Night Market's official website prior to authentication, making it more convenient for visitors to get necessary information.
Centralized AP management
for easy monitoring of the status of the deployed APs
  4ipnet WHG-Controllers come with a complete suite of AP management functionality to simplify the deployment and management of complex Wi-Fi networks. Template-based configuration allows network administrators to quickly update multiple APs’ settings from a single interface, while detailed information about each AP’s statistics and real-time email notifications helps increase troubleshooting efficiency.
The following were deployed at Ningxia night market:
Wireless LAN Controller
Wireless Access Point
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