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Customize Your Own Captive Portals
with APM100
4ipnet Hospitality Soltion Success Case
The 4ipnet APM100 is a simple yet effective centralized Wi-Fi AP management solution, designed specifically for small hotels, distributed retail/chain stores, and bed and breakfast venues.

For Wi-Fi service providers who need the branded advertisements, flexible user authentication, and client information collection, the APM100 can meet all their needs; moreover, the APM100 can be further enabled with customized captive portal to suit a wide array of application scenarios.

Besides, setting up a Wi-Fi network with APM100 is extremely easy - just configure a provisioning template and plug the APs and APM100 into the same switch/subnet - in a matter of minutes the network will be up and running.
Branded Captive Portals with 4ipnet APM100
  Captive portals can do much more than just security purpose, like separating guest traffic and evaluating brand awareness.

The APM100 system provides an intuitive and easy-to-digest platform for customers to edit their own login page. The WYSIWYG Captive Portal Editor and 8 default themes simplify the process of configuration. Meanwhile, YouTube advertisement, Facebook login and customized landing page are effective to increase the advertising reach and brand awareness.
Check our video below for Customized captive portal with APM100
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Plug-and-Play Installation

Automatic discovery and provisioning eliminates many repetitive and cumbersome tasks during initial network deployments. Unlike software-based Wi-Fi controllers that require additional installation onto a separate PC or hardware, the APM system is ready out of the box, has dedicated processing power, and can be accessed using any PC or mobile device.

Check our video below for APM100 configuration
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