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4ipnet Hospitality Soltion Success Case
Customized Captive Portals can benefit your network much more than you can imagine
A captive portal is like a door to access wireless services, and you probably have encountered a captive portal at one point or another. It may look like a standard webpage with a pre-assigned user ID and password or in a way that allows users to input a room number (i.e. hotels, hospitals etc.) and most people click through the login process without giving it much thought.
However, a captive portal can do much more than just security purpose, like user data collection for further marketing analysis, separating guest traffic and evaluating brand awareness. Furthermore, combined with 4ipnet’s Service Zone architecture, the captive portal can also show the unique branding with the location-based ad and collect targeted user data via multiple social media platforms.
Location-based login pages with 4ipnet’s Service Zone
  Combined with 4ipnet’s Service Zone architecture, network administrators can quickly enable multiple unique Wi-Fi login pages per deployment depending on various access point locations. Each login page is fully customizable to show unique branding or location-based advertisements, and can also be designed with customer-defined data fields for collecting relevant data for analytics and marketing.

Multiple social media login for data collection
  4ipnet supports multiple social media login, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Weibo and VK. Using this type of authentication not only makes it familiar and easy to use for the client but also provides the business with loads of social data beyond the standard form fields.
Check our video below to know more about how to create your own login page
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