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Using social media accounts for authentication has become an upcoming trend in public Wi-Fi networks. The 4ipnet WHG Controller offers Social Media Authentication for network administrators to allow users to login with their existing social media accounts for Internet access without having to provide other credentials. A variety of social media are supported by the WHG Controller including Facebook, Google+, LINE, Weibo, OpenID and VK.
4ipnet's social media login offers businesses with more effective customer insights and marketing tools. With the collected information, business owners can better understand their target audience and optimize product offerings and promotional programs, resulting in more effective campaigns and increased revenue.
4ipnet Solution
Effectively Collect Direct Information
  With social login, websites have the option to accept profile and social graph data in order to customize and target personalized content to the user. This may include information such as name, email and etc.
Speed up Registration time
  Many websites use the profile data returned from social login instead of having users manually enter their PII (Personally Identifiable Information) into web forms. This will speed up registration or sign-up process.
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Set up Social Media Authentication with 4ipnet

When a user chooses a specific social media for login on the login page, he/she will be redirected to the login page of that social media. Once the user logs in successfully with their social media account, they will be redirected to the login successful page shown by the WHG Controller. Communication between the WHG Controller and the social media supported is through API. Thus, the administrator has to apply for an application from the social media’s developers websites and enter the API credentials into the WHG Controller.

If configured properly, users will be able to see these login options on the login page.

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