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Enterprise-grade AP Functionality

With up to 16 SSIDs per radio that can be independently configured for complete or split tunnel back to the 4ipnet gateway-controller, network administrators have the flexibility to choose the deployment architecture based on the security and performance requirements of the organization. Each SSID supports 802.1Q VLAN tagging, bandwidth limitation, and detailed wireless transmission parameter configuration. Furthermore, by deploying 4ipnet access points together with the 4ipnet gateway-controller, administrators can enable additional features such as AP Load Balancing and Rogue AP Detection.

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Enterprise-grade Functionality
Optimal Client Filtering

Optimal Client Filtering

When devices connect to a Wi-Fi access point but have poor connectivity and low signal strength, they can often drag down the entire network performance. 4ipnet access points provide network administrators with the option to configure each connection parameter threshold in detail, ensuring that devices are connected to the most appropriate access point with an acceptable signal strength. In more complicated Wi-Fi environments, 4ipnet APs also have the capability to continually monitor channel utilization and automatically determine the best channel for operation. Together with traditional features such as Airtime Fairness and Band Steering, administrators are able to mitigate many of the effects of network congestion.

Integrated Layer 2 Firewall

In addition to enterprise-grade security and encryption, 4ipnet access points also come with a built-in layer 2 firewall for blocking unwanted network traffic before they enter the wired network. One of the unique benefits is that administrators can also block unnecessary multicast or broadcast traffic from being transmitted by the AP, which in turn reduces network congestion and improves overall wireless performance.

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Layer2 Firewall
Detailed Client and Network Statistics

Detailed Client and Network Statistics

The complete set of reports showing network interface statistics, associated client status, and airtime utilization, help network administrators quickly understand the current status of a 4ipnet access point. Combined with the built-in channel analysis feature showing frequency band usage, administrators are able to closely monitor their network and make better decisions on the optimal configuration for each access point.

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