Unified Access Switch

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Ease of Deployment

With the 4ipnet SW-series Access Switch, organizations can now have complete control over their wired and wireless networks. Easy to deploy and eco-friendly, the SW-series switches provide a complex and fully-featured set of layer 2 management and security features. Seamless integration with EAP/OWL-series Access Points allows 4ipnet to provide users with a consistent experience, regardless of whether the users are accessing the network through a wired or wireless edge.

Ease of Deployment
Power Management

Power Management

The SW switches are capable of powering wired or wireless class 3 IP-based devices such as 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless access points, VoIP phones, IP surveillance cameras. Besides, users can perform fine-grained power control by adjusting the level of power supply for each port, helping enterprises save energy, perform power prioritization, and maximize utilization.

Quality of Service (QoS)

The SW switches pack a wide array of features to ensure robust operation and reliable network uptime. For instance, per-port QoS queues with 802.1p/DSCP enhances the network performance of differentiated traffic while mitigating the effects of network congestion. IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Protocol allows administrators to combine multiple network links in parallel to improve throughput and provide redundancy, decreasing the chance of broken links.

Event Error Logging

Event/Error Logging

The SW switches offer detailed per-port link diagnostics provide network administrators with an in-depth look of switching status to aid in network troubleshooting. In addition, Port Mirroring allows IT staff to analyze inbound and outbound traffic, detect potential invasions, and debug errors, addressing the security needs of enterprises and organizations.