4ipnet Larger Deployment Solution
4ipnet is a leading provider of networking total solutions for wireless and wired Connectivity, Management, Security, Mobility and Services.
Network Applications
for Larger Deployments

Wireless LAN Controller

15,000 Local/On-demand Accounts

Dual-radio Dual-band

Wall/Ceiling Mount
Access Point

Dual-radio Dual-band

Outdoor AP/Bridge

Customized AAA Protocol
For BYOD Intergration
Rapid Wireless WDS Expansion
Total Access Point Management
Up to 9 Virtual Networks
IGMP Snooping

Special Features

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Larger Deployments

Cost-Saving and Well-Performed
4ipnet is an ideal provider for Fast Access and 3/4G Offload. It offers a wide selection of affordable , rugged Access Points already deployed across the world. 4ipnet's Wireless LAN Controller and Access Points have been deployed in larger venues from Metro Stations to Airports, University Campuses and an entire Wired Free City.

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Completely Redesigned User Interface
User-Friendly & Easy to Manage
4ipnet's User Interface is essentially a "Network Management for Dummies" Guidebook. From device status to a complete AP Management Interface, Virtual Network Setup to User Authentication and Billing Reports, the entire system is fairly easy to coast through. Within just 5 minutes of familiarizing 4ipnet's user interface, everyone can become a wireless solution expert!

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Faster Point-to-Point Bridge
Delivering Real Throughput up to 400Mbps!!!
The 4ipnet OWL600RL is the industry's first high speed outdoor point-to-point wireless bridge that unleashes the true potential of 802.11n and MIMO technology. An ideal wireless bridge for wide area industrial deployments for improving Wi-Fi Connectivity.


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